Fall has fallen.

As fall has fallen upon us like a huge-Spanish-style-house-built-in-1930-and-desperate-for-a-remodel, I scramble to get my life back on track. No more lazy evenings in Tahoe sipping watermelon mojitos while the kids watch their tenth episode of Cupcake Wars. No more sleep-away camps. No more hot dogs for dinner.

Back on track for me means reestablishing the most essential ingredient of my sanity – carpools. It means “posting” my weekly menu on the white board in the kitchen.  I add big or unusual events on the board – for instance we have five (!) soccer games this weekend. That made the board. It also means getting the kids back into their routines and figuring out what the hell to put in their lunch boxes day after day after day.  It means getting on a nice workout routine.  Walking the dog around the block is just not cutting it, especially with the hotdogs, mojitos, wine and ice cream that all became daily rituals over the summer.

Back on track means getting the kids back in school and refocusing on myself, regaining some peace, re-engergizing some neglected projects. One of those being this blog. Another project, the aforementioned house remodel. So that is generally what my posts will be about: décor, dinner, kids and (of course) cocktails.